On monday, taking the opportunity of free and sunny day, we went to Costa da Caparica – a more than 20km long coastline situated just away from the village called Caparica.

Costa da caparica is located in the municipality of Almada along the coast of the western district of Setúbal. It´s easy to get to from the area we live in called Laranjeiro (tram and bus – it takes about half an hour) as well as from central Lisbon.

Costa da caparica coastline is really stunning and is known for endless, sandy beach and amazing natural landscape. The beach is clean and very spacious. As you can imagine, it´s totally different than the seaside in Poland. During this part of the year Gda?sk – my favorite polish city located at the seaside, is usually covered with snow with minuses temperatures.

During summer this place is perfect for relaxing day on the beach. However, this is also a great place to try water sports – big and powerful waves make Costa de Caparica a perfect spot for surfers. There are many surf schools which offer a lesson in price of 10-15euro with full equipment and duration of 1-2hours.  When the summer starts and water in ocean will be a bit warmer, I´ll definitely learn how to surf!

I think that sound of waves is one of the greatest sounds of nature. It makes me feeling so calm and sentimental.  Especially when you are close to the vastness of the ocean, you can take a deep breath and feel the freedom!

One part of the day I like the most is sunset, the moment when the sun disappears below the horizon. Shades of orange, red and pink on the sky make an unique atmosphere. The sunset we watched at the beach on Costa da Caparica was really beautiful and chaming!

I strongly recommend Costa da Caparica for a day trip as well as for holiday destination!