Today is a good day

On April 8th 2017, I arrived to Lisbon for a EuroMed activity that was to be held in Santa Maria Da Feira, south of Porto. The moment I landed to this beautiful country, I was very amazed by the colors of the city, the ceramic pieces of art on the outside of buildings, the clear skies and fresh air. This was the moment I know that Portugal was different, good different. The activity was wrapped up on the 18th of April and it was a memorable experience whither in the training sessions, the tour in Porto or the extra two days I spent at Lisbon.

Castelo De Santa Maria da Feira

I have been around and about in Europe,  not enough as I’d like, but enough to touch and taste few different cultures and learn about traditions. Portugal’s beauty shines through its people. Portuguese people are compassionate, soulful and kind. You would be very surprised walking down Bairro Alto in Lisbon looking for a specific place in the middle of the night, people will try helping you even if they don’t speak your language, they’d do their best to help. The old man at the small market will try finding you Halal merchandise as he notices your head scarf. The police officer will recommend you a better place to buy souvenirs just because it’s cheaper.

One of the many beautiful things I have experienced in Portugal, was when we were crossing Arrábida Bridge in Porto, there was a sentence written with a correction pen that says: “Today is a good day” overlooking the Douro river and the port. A sentence that had many dimensions being where it was on top of the bridge. Reminded me of another quote that is related, one of my favorite, and out of the movie “Scarface” which is: “Everyday above ground is a good day“.

Arrábida Bridge – Porto

I’ve been very amazed by this country that I got my search on to know more about its history, culture and just every day’s life. But wasn’t enough.


Today, December 19th marks my first day as an EVS Volunteer at Rato. I had to find an opportunity to come back to this unique country. And lucky me, here I am seven months later, at Seixal writing this article. I had to be back for this beautiful nature, the attractive language, the delicious Pastéis de natas, I had to come to experience more of the colorful buildings, the street art and graffiti and last but most importantly, know more about the culture.Plus, what better way to learn a new language than living in its country of origin?

For now, Excitement is taking over and so much to look forward to and as said: Today and every day is a good day 🙂

Street art-Porto