1. Ficar em algum lugar até que chegue alguém ou alguma coisa que se tem como certa ou provável; aguardar.

2. Ter esperança; estar na expectativa de que algo aconteça.

In portuguese “to wait” and “to hope” are the some word: esperar. This is very poetic and meaningful. Today I understood this very well.

Two weeks ago something fell down my wallet, but I noticed this fact only two day after. I lost my bus monthly ticket, some cards from shops, and the most important thing: my driving licence. I was very sad, because it's very complicate to make a new one, in particular if you are living in another country! So I went to the police with Monica, our angel that helps us to survive in this portuguese world. I would like to do the denounce, but they said that was better to wait. So after a week, we went again to report the fact to the police. They said that they found nothing and I was without hope to find my things. So I begin to the easier thing: to pay for a new montlhy ticket. The problem was about the driving licence: I called the italian embassy in Lisboa and I was looking for the procedure to make it again. Of course this procedure is very slow and I had to wait again. But yesterday the police called and said that they found my documents, without explaining which one! So I began to hope again...

Today I went with Gonçalo – very kind and helpful too – to the police station of Pragal and … they had all my stuffs! I'm very happy for this :D

So never stop to hope... And to wait!