Discovering Seixal

Seixal is municipal chamber in the district of Setúbal. It is a at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Corroios.
Seixal is a really nice place, with a long waking along the river Tejo.

Right here there are also a lot of bar and restaurant where you can sit outside and have your lunch or coffee break with a wonderful view. There are also a lot of colorful walls, nice little doors and also decoration with the tipical ceramic called azulejos. If you love colors, small streets and taking photos of this kind of details, Seixal could be the perfect place for you.


It is really nice to go around in this little town even if you have just half a day free to spend go around.
In fact, actually you can go in Seixal from Corroios train station in a easy way with the public transportation, using the bus TST number 114 or 199. The ticket price is 1,50€ and the duration of the trip is about 20 minutes.

Good trip!