What is EVS? A brief tutorial.


a part of the EU funding programme for education, training, youth and sport 2014-2020– Erasmus+. You can imagine it as a network of organisations exchanging volunteers between each other. The idea is to encourage young people:

  • to participate volunteering,
  • to contribute to local communities
  • to develop skills for life

The aim is to develop solidarity and promote tolerance, mutual understanding and active citizenship.

EVS projects can be short-term (2 weeks – 2 months) or long-term (2 months -12 months).

Travel, accommodation, food, insurance, language courses are covered by a European grant. A volunteer is also paid a personal allowance each month.

There are many possible fields and themes to choose from: work with children, youth, sport, social care, environment, art and culture, gender equality, antidiscrimination, animal welfare, media and communication and many more.

EVS does not mean !!!
random, unstructured volunteer service with part-time;
internship in a commercial company;
unpaid job – EVS-volunteer should not replace paid staff of the organisation;
rest or tourist trip;
foreign language course;
exploitation of cheap workforce;education or training abroad

It can stand you in good stead on your resume and broaden your horizons and understanding of the world we live in.

EVS was established to enable volunteers to acquire competencies and skills which influence their personal development. Gaining skills and acquiring knowledge in a foreign country, learning about its culture, meeting new young people just like you – these are main advantages of EVS!