SVE: Serviço Voluntário Europeu.

In Portuguese is SVE, in English is EVS (European Voluntary Service)

EVS is a great opportunuty provided from the Eurpean Union, this programme promotes the mobility of young people through international activities with a non-formal education throughout Europe.

I would like to inform you, how EVS could change your life:

Firtst of all, you will change your daily routine, you will change your colleagues and you will share your house with other volunteers.

Pay attention! Because i’m going to tell you something that will schock you!!!

Who would not like to live in another country for free?

With the EVS programme, you have the opportunity to go abroad and live in another country for free!!!

You will receive every month a pocket money to buy food and everything that you need.

The hosting organization provide for you the house, equipped with everything.

They provide all the comfort that you need, like TV or wi-fi, they provide even blankets, pillows and towels.

You will get a lot of new experiences and new challenges.

The EVS experince is going to be a good training to improve your personal skills, you can learn a lot from your new colleagues and your flatmates.

You will grow a lot during these months abroad and you will improve yourself as a human being.

Try to get in touch with the local community, try to discover what this country could offer to you.

Enjoy different traditions, try different food, and live as the locals.

What about the language?

Don’t be afraid if you don’t speak properly English, you will have time to improve it!

You will also get a local language course for free, in my case i’m learning Portuguese.

You will share the flat with other volunteers, they will become first your friends and then they will become more like a family. 

Your EVS family!

What can i say more?
Discover the Erasmus+ opportunities and go abroad as many times as you can!