A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


Respect: that magnificent and majestic word! Unlucky a lot of people in the world don't know what it means. I understand this on saturday: I went in Punta de Corvos, a location in Corroios, to help to clean the s**t that people left during the summer.

But at first you have to know something about this place: located in front of the city of Seixal, across the Bay, it constitutes one of the flanks of Seixal sandbar, facing the vast Mar da Palha. Its name is due to the fact that we can find here often, especially in winter, cormorants (Corvos). From Ponta dos Corvos we have a privileged overview to the largest estuary in Europe. Always with the Tagus River in the foreground, in the background you can see the cities of Lisbon, Almada and Barreiro. So it is a nice place where you can find good time, good swimmings and good view.

For these reasons a lot of people come here to enjoy their time... Leaving here their trash. With other volunteers (young and old people and a lot of scouts), we picked up about twenty big black dirt bags, full of every kind of things.. Like slippers, plastic, metal, papers, containers, condoms, sandals.. Also a CAR!

These people haven't respect for other people, that come here after them, but in particular they haven't respect for the natural heritage. The flora and fauna of this place are protected species. One of the most visible and known are flamingo.
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"Seixal municipality Natural Heritage is essentially defined by the integration of about 10 per cent of its territory in the National Ecological Reserve, which includes Corroios Marshland, Coina Marshland and Talaminho Marshland. Seixal Bay is the ex libris of the municipality, which by its unique status possess natural conditions for several sports and leisure practices, offering a privileged landscape. It is also remarkable by the ornithological wealth and the existing aquatic fauna, in particular in Corroios Marshland. This spot is a temporary landing for many migratory birds like the flamingo, the tailorbird, wading bird, the heron and the wild duck, who seek for food and shelter. Corroios Marshland works also as a “maternity” and “nursing school” for several species of molluscs, crustaceans and fish. Along Seixal Bay shores, it’s sometimes possible to observe the birds feeding, the most emblematic being the herons and sporadically colonies of flamingos."
So, please, more respect!