Saying Adeus to Miratejo and Lisbon

Adeus to all who have been reading my bad blog articles during the summer. I know you are happy 🙂 ,but I am sad..

Why did I start with a word which means ‘goodbye’ in Portuguese is clear enough. I actually left nearly 1.5 months ago and could not have enough time to write my final assesment in a relaxed mind due to my new and third university life have started. It is a true story dear Nuno, believe me 🙂

Here is my last blog entrance(till next time 🙂 )

Almost you all have European passport and because of that I consider almost all of you are having some trips to another countries easily, but that is to some people like me who have no chance as much as you, it is enormously difficult and really big headeache process even if we have an acceptance letter for volunterely jobs just as EVS. What I would like to tell you that, this kind of opportunities are mean a lot to us. As I mention in my first article, this was the my second chance to live in one of the European countries and to had good connections and experiences. This sort of possibilities may change your life vision and can see different lives and of course can have great experiences, as many people say.

The world is going worse down and we are the luckier people who are having these EVS oppurtunities to come one of the best countries about its people. Yes, I am talking about Portugal. It may have some political, economical(you will hear a lot in Rato, unfortunately =/) problems or so else, but its culture and people’s attitude are absolutely fabulous for me. Yes, of course I did not like some of them(No, Nuno it wasn’t you or any of Rato people :D) but remember the words “stupid people everywhere!” My time was not long enough as yours and it is really bad for me not to have more great times with Rato – ADCC people, my dear short term flat-mate Martyna and Miratejo people especially Estas N@ Mira and the others but it was really enough to feel the greatness of those people’s heart.

Life, actually time, is passing too fast, so we have to use it very very efficiently and we have to have its benefits by sharing. What do our lives mean without having good people in our lives? For me, nothing.. And having good people in our lives does not mean that only having good conversations, drinking, partying etc. If we are taking benefits of life, we have to give as well, in any good way of course! Already rude and mean people everywhere, there is no necessity to be one of them, right? I got this opportunity once at Rato-ADCC in Portugal. I have always wanted to go to Africa and help poor people by any means, and Rato gave that chance to some extent. For instance, by associating with Estas N@ Mira, an organization which helps poor kids especially to African kids, as a language teacher by teaching them English and Turkish, and observing the kids whilst their outdoor activities.



I am feeling that I have life-long friends from Rato. I would like to express my feeling about everyone, one by one but you should become acquainted with those great people in person.

But, I have to thank to all one by one (in alphabetic order);


Thank you for being such a kind person. I will miss your explanations but only the short ones 🙂

I could not find our photo which we had in our first time trip to Lisbon. I think Martyna did not send me. Blame her, but I got two of you 🙂



Thank you being such a great flat-mate in literal meaning but thank you for being such a great road partner and an open minded person. And also thank you for being my photographer 🙂 I have enjoyed every moment that we had in Portugal. You are the best Polish lady I have ever met(Sorry Justyna, you are a Portuguese in so far as your husband 🙂 )



Thank you for your happy face all the time and great positive soul with a big smile on your face. I have realized that we do not have a photo together but then remember that we were on the local news about Festa de Corroios. You can read >>>> here 😉





As you know, everyone bewares you, but I know that you have a big and kind heart. I can write many good thing here but I won’t. I could not have chance to listen your music but I hope I will in the future, for sure. I will miss your guffaws 🙂



Whenever we need, you were there. Such a modest person you are!

One thing I could not have chance to do is using your swimpool. I am so disappointed about that 🙂

All EVS volunteers or any other person who will have a chance to come to Rato in summer, he has a big pool in his garden. Just for your information guys 😉

Thank you a lot for your great attitude Esteves!


And Justyna..

Yes, it is not alphabetically correct, but the life is not fair, right? 🙂

I was given a news about you, that’s why I wanted to thank you last and congratulate you.  I wish I were there and visit you at your home. Anyway, thank you very much for all the jokes about Portuguese, German and Polish people and other elses. Very happy to met you, and your husband of course, even we couldn’t have time a lot due to two small wonderful creatures. Wish you a very big luck because of them 🙂


Thank you all guys! Whenever you have a travel to Turkey(come on! it’s not a good idea 🙂 ) you all very welcome to my or to my family’s house. We would be very happy to host you for sure.



Hope to have this photo again someday maybe somewhere else.. THANK YOU!!

Adeus! Bi xatirê te!