First days in Corroios

Hi everyone!

I’m Marialaura and I just arrived in Corroios as a volunteer for Rato ADCC organization.

I’m an Italian 28 girl – I know, so old… but really enthusiast. In Italy I work like video designer: sometimes I go around with my camera to film something like promotional and corporate video or I often work with my computer for editing videos. I always dream to do an experience abroad and now I’m really happy to do that here in Portugal. The first impression is good. Everything seems hospitable and colorful. And full of pasteleria. I have not yet understood if pasteleria is a kind of confectionery or maybe a pastry shop or a simple bar that sells also a lot of good food. I’ll find out. Corroios is a really quite place, a melting pot of different cultures, with a lot of gardens and a beautiful view on the river side. There is also a countryside area where you can find some shepherd with a nice group of sheeps!

I’m curious to know it better. We’re just start to work in Rato ADCC… I hope that soon I can tell you better about my work here. For the moment, I started to eat a lot. I love food (like all Italian people, you know, we are famous for this) and I want to taste all Portuguese tipical recipes. Today, with my flatmates Martina, I’ve tried one of the most famous local dessert: pastel de nada. Wow. They’re so good, so sweet, so full of cream… I love cream so now I’m quite sure that pastel de nada will become one my favourite sweet in Portugal. If you want, you can read more about some portuguese sweets in Martina’s first article.


And so, this is my first impression of Corroios. I’ll write soon for the second impression. Ciao!