Outubro 8, 2019

How to deal with Portugal

It’s going to be fast and short. As a coffee addict, it was a cultural shock and isnpired me to draw a comic. Enjoy! 
Setembro 28, 2019

Let your brain rest

Have you ever been stressed? Maybe some of you are stressed quite often and are not sure how to deal with it? However, have you ever […]
Setembro 11, 2019

Lvl up!

Hey! It’s been over three months from my arrival. I blinked and suddenly it’s September. When the time went? What happened? Mindblowing! Honestly, I’m happy about […]
Agosto 14, 2019

Take care of yourself, okay?

Since my work in Rato is somehow based on creating and creativity in general, I was asked to listen and ilustrate two very interesting and highly […]
Julho 30, 2019

Cine Incrivel

I love music. I also love nice places with amazing atmosphere. There is a nifty bar in Cachilias which merges both things – Cine Incrivel. It’s […]
Julho 9, 2019

Lisbon at it’s finest.

Hello. I’ve been in Portugal for a while so it’s the highest time to share my observations about this place. First of all, I’m impressed with […]
Maio 28, 2019

Olá! Czesc! Hello!

My name is Ewelina aka Evelyn aka Ketchup and I´m new to volunteering! I am also new to Portugal, so I hope you understand and turn […]