Março 20, 2019

How to write (CV) .. ( 1/3 )

Workshop time: 15 hours (divided to 3 sessions) Target ages: +17Interested audience: workers in ( NGOs,NPOs,teachers in the schools .. etc ) Session 1 ( where […]
Fevereiro 28, 2019

i will not give up

I should write the part 2 from how to write project series, but i don’t find the laptop that i used to work on it, here […]
Fevereiro 12, 2019

how to write project (part one)

Before 2 weeks ( more or less ) I started to work on a new project talking about “how to write project”, in this project we […]
Fevereiro 5, 2019

The Lie of Freedom

every year in the 2ed of february some people celebrate in Global Hijab Day, maybe celebrate it’s a big word but there is  a lot of […]
Janeiro 30, 2019

I Have Nothing / Eu não tenho nada

Eu vi no YouTube video está falar sobre se tu tem chance para dizer alguma coisa para alguém, O que tu vai dizer? E para mim é […]
Dezembro 19, 2018

look at the mirror / olhe para o espelho

you can spend whole your life waiting from someone to say something good for you, nice complement,  how much you look great today , or (i’m […]
Dezembro 7, 2018

Sem nada \ Without Anything

Did you tried to live without anything? without all of these feeling that related to things, just things, things don’t show your reality, don’t show who you […]
Novembro 28, 2018


olá, Como vai? Hoje vou Partilhar com vocês artigo para voluntário português em Amã, Jordânia porque para mim é muito importante, para deixar você ver Jordânia […]
Novembro 9, 2018

How to appreciate yourself? – part one –

Ola, Hi i hope you are will in this week there is nothing happened, i mean there is nothing special, normal week, workshops in the schools, […]