Junho 1, 2018


Exactly a month ago I was on my way back home from home, Portugal. I still cannot comprehend that a month has passed already. 31 days […]
Maio 16, 2018

70 years of struggling

Today is the 70th anniversary f the Nakba; the catastrophe. 70 years ago, Israel announced itself as a state on lands that has been raped and […]
Abril 6, 2018

The EVS Maze

I’m trying not to freak out, but being sad is something I can’t hide. Less than a month and this journey is over, my EVS will […]
Abril 5, 2018

Cultura Árabe

I didn’t think I would really learn more about my own culture in Portugal, but I did. Few weeks ago, we announced that we will conduct […]
Março 8, 2018

Dia Internacional das Mulheres

Today, March 8th, marks International Women’s day. It is the day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, […]
Fevereiro 21, 2018

The Third world myth

“So I’m the only one from the Middle East? From the third world?” A sentence I said when we were all gathering in a circle, introducing […]
Janeiro 31, 2018

Falling into the trap

I was hesitating to write about this, going back and forth and questioning if I should let this out or not. As a human being, I […]
Janeiro 4, 2018

Ano novo, novos começos!

Feliz Ano Novo ! May this year have all humans safe and in peace and have compassion to one another, that next generations wouldn’t need to […]
Dezembro 30, 2017

Diverse Portugal

Portuguese people are beautiful! In this post, I’m talking about the out-side beauty of human beings. Portuguese people are beautifully diversed. Different ethnic backgrounds, different shades […]