Abril 17, 2019

How to write (CV) .. ( 2/3 )

Workshop time: 15 hours (divided to 3 sessions) Target ages: +17Interested audience: workers in ( NGOs,NPOs,teachers in the schools .. etc ) Session 2 ( descover yourself […]
Abril 9, 2019

Saberes e Sabores

This week-end it was the 9th edition of the intercultural festival “Saberes e Sabores”, it took place in the Pavilhão Municipal do Alto do Moinho. There […]
Março 30, 2019

1 mês!!

Bom dia/tarde a noite,  Já passou o meio primeiro mês no Rato-ADCC. E você queres saber o que fiz neste tempo?  Eu conhecei as pessoas que compõem […]
Março 20, 2019

How to write (CV) .. ( 1/3 )

Workshop time: 15 hours (divided to 3 sessions) Target ages: +17Interested audience: workers in ( NGOs,NPOs,teachers in the schools .. etc ) Session 1 ( where […]
Março 13, 2019

International Women’s Day

On the 8th of March takes place the International Women’s Day, an important date in the movement for Women’s Rights. On this day, I went to […]
Março 2, 2019

Bom dia a todos! Buongiorno a tutti!

My name is Stefano. From March to the end of May 2019 I will be realizing a post graduate internship in Rato-ADCC. Wherever you go, go […]
Fevereiro 28, 2019

i will not give up

I should write the part 2 from how to write project series, but i don’t find the laptop that i used to work on it, here […]
Fevereiro 26, 2019

Time to say, “Até já!”

Wow, time flies! It looks like it was yesterday that I arrived in this new Portugal life with the eyes of a child ready to discover […]
Fevereiro 21, 2019

My EVS in two different associations

I think that I have to explain this title : At the same time I am working in Rato-ADCC and in CCRAM (Centro cultural e recreativo […]