Julho 13, 2018

Saltiness and films

Who I am and what I do in life is definitely the most vague and vague topic I can talk about. I was asked to introduce […]
Julho 12, 2018

Visitas inesperadas

Uma semana na Rato já passou, quem pode imaginar que eu já tivesse tido uma visita da Polónia – o mundo é grande e às vezes não conseguimo-nos encontrar com as pessoas […]
Julho 5, 2018

Broken luggage, culture shock and silly expectations vs great reality

I do try to travel a lot. When I hear a name of a place in my head appears countless links to different possibilities within at […]
Julho 5, 2018

Portugal – o país onde sonhos tornam-se a realidade

Olá 🙂 sou a Magda, uma polaca que chegou anteontem em Portugal. Nunca pensei que tivesse a oportunidade a trabalhar no país mais ocidental da Europa […]
Julho 5, 2018


HELLO It always starts with this word, when we try to explain our situations and express our feelings. We have to take the first step without […]
Julho 3, 2018


There is a country on the map of the world that can captivate you from the first day and at the end make you willing to […]
Junho 1, 2018


Exactly a month ago I was on my way back home from home, Portugal. I still cannot comprehend that a month has passed already. 31 days […]
Maio 23, 2018


Olà people! If you are future volunteers, i have a piece of advice (-cit) for you.. Nuno looks like a giant, pessimistic and scorbutic yeti, but […]
Maio 22, 2018

How I met my favorite Arabic girl

Salam! So Nada, I know you didn’t expect that and when you see this post you will be surprised but yes – this article is gonna […]