Behind the Mountain: Who are The Others?


The group are wandering around the island to explore it more and more when suddenly they find some interesting objects which raise many doubts about their island. The group finds two spears, one bow, several arrows, a human skeleton, a map and a compass. Are there any others on the island? Who are the others?



90 minutes

Related Rights:


5 minutes

Introduction and setting the plot.

25 minutes

Activity A

The facilitators ask the participants to create/draw the image of The Others. Also, they ask to justify why there were these objects on the island.

30 minutes

Activity B

Treasure hunt: The facilitator divides the group according to the size to subgroups. Each subgroup receives a paper with a word or sentence related to Human Rights. The facilitator asks each subgroup to create any type of performance and the rest of the group is requested to guess the content of the paper within 3 minutes. When they guess the content of each paper, the whole group receives part of the story of the Others. After collecting all the parts the participants obtain the whole story of who are the others.

30 minutes

Closing: the facilitator will summarize the story of The Others.

Guided Reflection:

Resources and Materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: