A New Beginning


While looking for resources after depleting the resources from the nearby trees, Patrick’s group discovers the “AboTree”, the tree has symbols on it similar to the symbols on the BOBO, and they realize that they have a message to decode with BOBO. They go back to Sophie and discuss how to translate it because they only have one half of BOBO, due to an argument with Alexandra (see activity "A broken friendship").

-The Characters are found on ‘A Journey to Safety’, the story line starts in that activity as well and continues in ‘A Controversial Discovery’ and ‘A broken friendship’ activities.



90-130 minutes

Related Rights:


5 minutes

Describing the situation and distributing the tasks (sitting in front of the map).

10 minutes

Go for the resources in groups according to their tasks, and Patrick’s group discovers the “AboTree” and remembers the BOBO with its codes and goes back to Sophie’s group.

10 minutes

Discussion (guided by the facilitators, if needed) about how to get the other half from the other group

10 minutes

Patrick and Sophie with their groups go to the other camp (Alexandra's and Basheer's) and tell them about their discovery. They suggest to join in order to be able to decode the message.

15 minutes

Decoding the messages {see tips and notes}. One of them deals with an economic approach to manage resources.

20-45 minutes

Altogether, open discussion about the content of the messages and a possible solution trying to get an agreement.

15 minutes

Reflection and evaluation, closing with the map

Guided Reflection:

Resources and Materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: