There is an open conflict between the two groups of people on the island. The Ones have built things and the Others have destroyed them. Each group has their reasons to behave this way, and they have to reach a win/win agreement satisfactory for both parties.



60-70 minutes

Related Rights:


10 minutes

The whole group is sat together, they are their normal selves again (not the characters they were playing). Facilitators make a reminder of the conflict lived in Activity A/Way (especially if the two activities are not done on the same day). 

60 minutes (shorter in case of young children)

They are presented the terms of the agreement reached in Activity A/Way. 

Do they agree with them?

Do they think this is the best possible solution?

Are the rights and necessities of everybody respected in the agreement?

Divide the participants in smaller groups and ask them to debate if there is any way to improve the terms of the agreement. Can you come up with a better solution?

Guided Reflection:

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Notes and tips for the facilitators: