Party in the Lighthouse


The group finds a message in Abo Tree from the Others asking them about what they learned from the island? This is the debriefing moment where the characters can ask specific questions. When they finish the debriefing; some of the characters will take notes and put them on the tree. Then the tree gives the key of the lighthouse. Then everything is ready in the lighthouse for the party! 



60 minutes

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10 minutes

The group finds a message (a piece of paper with burned frame) in Abo Tree and they translate it and find out that it has a number of questions about their experience on the island.

15 minutes

The time to do the evaluation where one of the characters will be writing. Then we put back the answers into Abo Tree so we receive the key (see attached photo or link … )  to the lighthouse.

35 minutes 

Time for the party ! Music, and snacks are available.

Then out of nowhere they hear a call from the sky. Hello! Is anybody there! Everybody hugs as a farewell and they leave the island and live happily ever after!

Guided Reflection:

As the objective of this activity is evaluation of the whole process, it is up to the facilitator to choose the evaluation questions more appropriate to the group.

Resources and materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: