A Broken Friendship


Patrick and Sophie unite after an argument over the BOBO; Alexandra has it and the group is divided by interests into two. One part is led by Alexandra, being more powerful and wanting it for herself. The other leader is Patrick, and wants the BOBO to study it as being an artefact with symbols on it.

Basheer joins Alexandra because he – as an engineer- wants to study it, and he knows Alex will keep it.

Patrick and Alexandra fight over the BOBO and BREAK IT!!!

-The Characters are found on ‘A Journey to Safety’, the story line starts in that activity as well and continues in ‘A Controversial Discovery’ activity.



1 hour

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20 minutes

Describing the situation and distributing the tasks (sitting in front of the map).

30 minutes

As BOBO is broken, something SUPERNATURAL happens. It seems that ‘THE OTHERS’ turned off the sun. The two teams (2 characters in each) are angry with each other and decide to separate. As they separate, they take two of the four baskets of resources they had (see activity "A journey to safety"). Now they miss the two other resources. They need to get them but it's dark.

Patrick's group with blindfolded eyes has to follow the green line with Sophie’s group leading them without blindfolds.

Alex's group with blindfolded eyes has to follow the blue line with Basheer’s group leading them without blindfolds. 

10 minutes

Reflection, evaluation and closing with the map.

Guided Reflection:


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