A Challenge to the Community


It seems that the food is lost from the storage area next to the forest. The group is terrified for not having enough food for the winter. The group rushes to check the other storage area next to the lighthouse. Fortunately, food is still there but who took the food? The group needs to know. 



1 hour

Related Rights:


5 minutes

Introduction and setting the plot. 

40 minutes

The facilitator asks the participants to sit in a circle. S/he gives a card to each participant. Each card had a role on it.  

They should play the role stated in their card without declaring it. The objective is to try to find out who took the food. 

After 25 minutes of role playing facilitators ask each participant to write down the name of the person who took the food and not to show it to other participants.

30 minutes

Guided reflection (please see details below)

Guided Reflection: 

a. The facilitator asks each participant to stay in the role and to describe in one word how they feel like? 

b. If someone/s would like to share the reason why s/he feels like this.

c. The facilitator asks each participant to show the role and they realize that none of the team members took the food.

d. The facilitator asks the group two things: why did they accuse a team member, and based on what? How do you think this is related to daily life? What probably happened to the food?  

Resources and Materials:

Notes and Tips for the facilitators: