Discovering the Wishing Well


Malcolm has a dream of a place called the Wishing Well and that Abo Tree has a map where they can find it. They find the map in Abo Tree and the group goes and finds the Wishing Well. Just to test that the Wishing Well is working, Jose throws a wish which is achievable within one day, but this wish will be a secret. The first wish is done by Jose to challenge the wishing well that it does not work. His wish will be for his team to win but this will stay a secret until the next session. Jose will later on discover that his team has won and will announce that the wishing well actually works! Then all the participants write or draw their achievable wishes and throw into the wishing well.



30 minutes

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10 minutes

The group is gathered at Abo Tree. Malcolm starts telling them about the dream he had about a wishing well where the wishes come true after they are thrown in it and that the map to the well is buried near Abo Tree. The group finds the map and heads to the wishing well.

10 minutes

They find the wishing well. Malcolm says that he saw in the dream that they should pull the bucket so they pull the rope and they find it with a message inside. The message says “Each of you tells me one wish”. Then Jose decides to challenge Malcolm and the group that the wishing well does not work and he throws a paper with a wish. His wish is a secret but it was about his team winning the game.

10 minutes

Then Malcolm encourages the rest of the participants to write or draw their achievable wishes and throw them in the well. This is the closing moment where everybody throws their wishes in the well.

Guided Reflection:

As this activity's objective is to express wishes, fears and desires through writing them and throwing them in the wishing well, there will be no need for guided reflection.

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