A Controversial Discovery


Alex realizes that the group is running out of resources and distributes tasks to the group, asking Basheer to go fishing, Sophie to get water and Patrick to get wood for the fire. In the meantime she stays in the camp to look after the bonfire.
On the beach, Basheer finds a mysterious object (we'll call it BOBO). This new discovery will bring some trouble to the group in general.
-The Characters are found on ‘A Journey to Safety’, the story line starts in that activity as well.




70 minutes

Related Rights:


20 minutes

Describing the situation and distributing the tasks (sitting in front of the map).

Groups go to collect their cards (resources cards)

5 minutes

Basheer's group discovers something near the fish cards and discusses/ shows it to the others. 

It has “BOBO” written on the back of it

30 minutes

Playing the BOBO game:

There are three levels of the game:

Highest- (adults, 30 minutes)- Trial with attitude:

The facilitators will lead a confrontation about who has to keep the BOBO, with ‘Role’ papers that has attitudes to guide the confronter to a certain attitude that will build up the story to a disagreement point.

Medium- (kids and young teenagers)- Two Parts:

(10 minutes) teams with attitude towards BOBO that only they know and the other teams need to discover.

(20 minutes) 2-3 children on the stage, each child has a different objective in relation to an object (it can be the BOBO, or another). The aim is to achieve their objective without revealing it. The other children need to think about it then all will reflect. We can repeat this several time to have more children participating.

Low- (20 minutes) one part: 

Doing Medium Level- Part 1


15 minutes

Discuss and reflect with the group

Guided reflection:

Resources and Materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: