The Laberinto


Nastia finds a cave. The group goes there. The group decides to use the power of the Laberinto. Anthony and Jose specifically decide to use the Laberinto and encourages the group to try.



90 minutes

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10 minutes

Nastia arrives to the meeting point and she tells the group that she found an entrance to a cave and she guides the group to the cave.

10 minutes

The group reaches the cave and they find the symbols of two hands and when they try to solve these symbols they discover the power of the Laberinto and that it takes one into a journey into the body.

25 minutes

Anthony is the first volunteer to put his hands on the symbols. One of the other characters (facilitators) will ask him where would you like us to visit? A place you are proud of and a place you are worried about. He answers that he is proud of his brain and worried about his heart (see attached Anthony’s character description). The participants who are interested hold a rope connecting them together and they enter the cave with the first participant holding a torch guiding them on the map on the floor (please see comments for facilitators) First, they visit Anthony’s heart. The facilitators available in that moment set up the atmosphere by asking the other participants to be quiet and that we are at that moment in Anthony’s heart and brain. Then the first group comes out. The next Laberinto could be Jose (one of the facilitators) or one of the participants.  The process will go the same where we ask which part you would like us to visit and why would you like us to visit this particular organ?

25 minutes

The process will continue and it depends on the number of participants and who is interested. To take part is not compulsory.

20 minutes

The group goes back to Abo Tree so everybody can explain the feelings they had. 

Guided Reflection:

The facilitator can ask a number of question; how did you feel? Which organ can you control? Which part of your body is the most important to  you? What can you do to feel better?

Resources and materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: