Talk To Me





The participants install themselves in the island, and are faced with the situation of the existence of the others. They need to establish ways of dealing with each other.


• Communication

• Negotiation

• To accept differences.

• To create dialogue.


80 minutes

Related Rights:


10 minutes

The participants meet the others (either as a group or as a representative played by a facilitator). They find out that they don't speak the same language. The narrator gives each group certain things that symbolize the resources.

15 minutes 

They have to decide as a group what do they need from the others (resources, place...). They have to reflect on what do they need these things for (eating, drinking, leaving the place...). They have to reach an agreement with them. 

40 minutes

We tell them that they have the opportunity to meet three times, and each time they can use a different mean of communication. They have different materials available, like paper and markers, some resources to show, body language...

15 minutes

Debriefing: how did the process go, how do you feel about it, did you reach to an agreement, relate the values they decided with HR.

Guided Reflection:

Resources and materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators:

• If necessary, the characters can provoke the needs of each group. 

• Regarding timing, put into consideration if it is a group meeting (in case we have 2 groups already ), group meeting an individual, or person to person meeting.

• This activity could be applied as individual workshop.