Staying Alive


The group is on a plane that crashes and lands on an island. Now the group is facing how to survive together.



90 minutes

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10-15 minutes

There is always a narrator who is not part of the story (this person is in charge of providing the material, telling the story and doing the debriefing).

- Facilitators start by telling the story:

We're here, in the plane together, everyone is going to their own destination (this is the opportunity for the participants to introduce themselves, their names and their personal stories, real or imaginary). 

- Facilitator indicates there is a plane crash situation. We land on the island (the creative, discriminated, reflective and authoritarian characters are already introduced as part of the characters).

45 minutes

- The survivors are given a map of the island, and a task: to establish their community:

- The rules should be agreed as the group decides and then written down. From now on, they'll have to behave according to these rules.

15 minutes

15 minutes

Debriefing: how did the process go, how do you feel about it, was it an act of democracy, in what way, relate the values they decided with HR.

Guided Reflection:

Resources and materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: