A Journey to Safety


One day on the beach of the island, where they landed after their boat wrecked during a high tide storm, Sophie (a nurse, 45 years old) realizes that Patrick (an architect, 27 years old) is getting ill because of a terrible sunstroke and suggests to Alexandra (a department manager, 35 years old) to move from the beach to a safer place after two days on the beach.

Patrick suggests an area in the south east of the island, because it’s a good shelter. Alex, Sophie and Basheer (an engineering PhD student, 27 years old) go out to collect things for the camp to be built.



100 minutes

Related Rights:


20 minutes

Describe the map to settle them on the beach.

Performing of the plot.

Division of the beneficiaries into 4 groups with one facilitator per group according to the characters.

25 minutes

Set out the participants to collect the pieces of Lego that are assigned to their character (red, yellow, green, blue).

40 minutes

Building of the bonfire and the camp.

10 minutes

Closing of the activity. Gather the participants and place the new camp on the map, and reflect on the process (questions according to group range of age,….)  {see tips and notes}

Guided Reflection:


Resources and Materials:

Notes and tips for the facilitators: