Discovering Abo Tree


A plane crashes on an island where most of the passengers survive mysteriously. They strive to be able to live on this island.
One day, they are walking aimlessly and suddenly they find a mysterious light which they follow and they discover that it leads to a Clareira and in the middle they find a gigantic tree with symbols, bizarre writings and exotic fruit.

The passengers discover that this is the place where they should always do their assemblies, make decisions and communicate. This is also the same place where they discover the existence of the others.

The passengers discovered the gigantic tree. Malcolm takes photos of the symbols on the tree with an application he has which deciphers symbols and encryptions. His mobile survives with him as he was keeping it around his neck with his other valuable stuff. Through this application, the group is able to understand the messages written in this mysterious language on the tree and they give it the name of Abo Tree. This becomes their meeting point from now on.



35 minutes

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10 minutes

The facilitators will start their journey on the island as the characters specified in the activity. They will follow the plot of this activity where they will discover Abo Tree and decide that it will be their meeting point.
The characters explain what they have found and they invite the participants to go there and then they reach the tree. Malcolm with his mobile will be able to understand the messages written on the tree.

10 minutes

The participants will be solving the encryptions written on Abo Tree.

10 minutes

One of the characters (who will be one of the facilitators) proposes that one person should taste the fruit, but warning them that this is an exotic fruit. Nastia (who will be one of the facilitators) encourages the participants to try the fruit.

Anthony as a reflective thinker tell them that they need to be aware of the consequences and invite them for an assembly to make the first decision of who will be the one to try the fruit. 

5 minutes

The resolution of the activity is that everybody shares the fruit as it is not causing any problems and is very tasty.

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