"The Others - Online toolkit for Human Rights Education" has the following partners:


AHEAD - Association of Human Rights Educators [CAT / ES]: The Association of Educators in Human Rights - AHEAD - consists of trainers specialized in human rights education (HRE) and a wide international, and European experience, that seek the promotion of human rights education as a requirement to strengthen the commitment to a culture of peace, democracy and solidarity. For more information, check out the website

Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development from Egypt [EG] is an Egypt-based youth-led non-profit organisation, founded in 2012 and launched on the 12th of August “The International Youth Day” - This oraginisation is focused on youth empowerment, giving youth a voice, sustainable development, health, gender issues, multicultural dialogue, sports for development, informal education and service learning, the use of ICT for development, promoting arts and culture, supporting youth entrepreneurship and job creation. For more information, check out their website and the Facebook page.

Institute of Leadership Excellence [JO] is a non profit, non government entity that aims at cultivating a strong and vibrant figures in the community to be effective and achieve comprehensive and sustainable development politically, socially and economically. For more information, follow their Facebook page.

Rato - ADCC [PT] is a legally recognized youth organization that develops initiatives and projects orientated for the promotion of the Information Society. Nowadays, the association develops mainly: 1) workshops in Informatics and Information and Communication Technologies [ICT] and 2) multimedia and online projects for non profit organizations and initiatives. For more information, check out the website or follow Rato - ADCC @ Facebook and Twitter.

Local Partners