Who ate the Banana?


After a plane crashes, the survivors reach the island and realise that the food is limited.  Walking through the island, they discovered few palm trees with bananas, they collected them all and started discussing how they are going to distribute them. Having agreed on the distribution, they decided to delegate a bananas keeper to look after them and make sure they are on a daily basis distributed as agreed.  The following day when they wake up, they find out that that a great amount of the bananas has disappeared, they gathered and started discussing/accusing each others.



25-30 minutes

Target Group:

Teenagers (age from 10 till 14)

Group Size:

10 persons

Group Name:

The Bananians


The participants are asked to close their eyes and imagine themselves travelling to country X. Using some sound effects, participants feel that the plane is about to crash. They are then asked to open their eyes and to imagine that they found themselves lonely on an island with a very limit access to food. (It took them hours to find the food)
Participants are informed about the banana trees and the necessity of collecting/distributing the fruits. At a later stage, they were informed that the food was gone, participants are asked to find out why this happened, because the banana keeper warn them that they will suffer from starvation.



How the participants felt?
Which character you feel more compassionate with?
Are you satisfied about the final decision?
Do you think that the role you played matched your character at some point?
Did this game change your perspectives towards others?
Do you think that the food was distributed equally?

Tips For Facilitators: