The Ghost Bullet


A plane crashes on a desert island. X people survive (within them, a lawyer and a muslim woman). There is a big part of the plane that will be used for shelter, but is filled with dead bodies. The survivors remove the dead bodies, and among them is a police officer, with a shot in his head, and his gun is missing. During the night, while everyone is asleep, one of the participants is also shot in the head (a child). There is a discussion about who has the gun, and the muslim woman is pointed as guilty by the lawyer of the group. Next night, the muslim woman dies and the gun is not with her. There is another discussion and the lawyer finds the gun around the plane, with all the bullets inside.


Human Rights related

Target audience:

Youth between 18 and 30 years


90 minutes

Group Size:



Check the plot.



What did you feel during this game? Did you feel involved with your character? Why did you defense your character? Do you agree with what you did during the game? Did you emphathise with the lawyer?

Tips for the facilitators: