After the crash that happened to the ship, a number of survivals reached the unknown beach, and a number of the passengers were floating on pieces from the shipwreck, Passengers who arrived safely to shore need to make the decision of saving one floating group, as they had one rope.



60 minutes

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5 minutes

One facilitator will divide the group into 4, 1st on safe shore, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floating on shipwreck. 

One of the facilitators (Creative) must be floating with the passengers in the ocean.

Group on the beach will discuss which group to save. 

Team must find an “out of the box” way to save the three groups. 

45 minutes

Floating groups must listen to the discussion with some interventions about that they deserve saving the most. 

Guided Reflection:

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Notes and tips for the facilitators: