The Project

“The Others” - Online Wiki Toolbox for Human Rights Education” is partnership between Rato - ADCC [Portugal], AHEAD [Spain], Egypt Foundation [Egypt] and ILE [Jordan] in the framework of a call for proposals from Anna Lindh Foundation - it consists on the development of a online toolbox with activities for Human Rights Education for youngsters - this toolbox will be available as an open and collaborative online wiki.

These initial activities of this toolbox were created in a meeting that took place in Seixal - Portugal by different social and educational workers and members from all partner organizations. Afterwards these activities were implemented in the 4 countries - the activities and the results can be seen in this website.

The narrative and the methodology

Once upon a time a plane crashed on an isolated island. The passengers were faced with the fact that they were stuck on this place. Between exploring the island and trying to survive, they started establishing their own community. All of a sudden, they realized they were not alone! There were other inhabitants who we were living there for quite some time. These others had their own community too. How will these two groups get along?

The 16 activities, provided here in the toolkit, focus within this context on creating characters, establishing communities, setting laws, dividing responsibilities, communication, negotiation and relate all to human rights. Participants live the experience, relate to realities and reflect.

For more information about the project, you can see online multimedia presentation about "The Others".

Download this file (The others - Project Diagram.pdf)The Others: Project Diagram[ ]98 kB