Outubro 19, 2017

First days in Corroios

Hi everyone! I’m Marialaura and I just arrived in Corroios as a volunteer for Rato ADCC organization. I’m an Italian 28 girl – I know, so […]
Outubro 18, 2017

New EVS volunteer!

Hello everyone! Ciao! I'm another new EVS volunteer.. another italian person.. also another Martina! You can think that I'm nothing new.. But I can surprice you! […]
Outubro 14, 2017


“YouthClustering… SME” aims to reflect and promote the intersectorial networks between non-profit organizations and private sector, mainly with small and medium enterprises, for the development of […]
Outubro 5, 2017

Coming Back To Portugal

Hi, After countless times of applications and rejections I finally started doing it today. I have been waiting for this since May.  It has been a […]
Outubro 3, 2017

lagoa de Albufeira

1st of October
Setembro 27, 2017

O meu “SVE” (Serviço Voluntário Europeu)

O meu “SVE” (Serviço Voluntário Europeu) Se encontraste este artigo por acaso e não saibas o que é um “SVE”, então ficarás a desconhecer até que […]
Setembro 26, 2017

EVS POLAND – New Arrivals

KobieTY Organization from Lodz recieved today the Official Business cards.       Designed & Created by Raquel Ribeiro  
Setembro 23, 2017

pow wow

Let’s play board games!  
Setembro 16, 2017

hunting for street art