Dezembro 26, 2017

Palestina Vencerá!

Yesterday, as I was getting off the bus and walking with my EVS flatmate, Olga, we find this random banner hung in the street in Almada, […]
Dezembro 22, 2017

The kick-off of a journey of self-search

          More than a year ago, I started to search for Masters programs to apply for, searching possibilities and opportunities rather than […]
Dezembro 22, 2017

Dinner of Lights

Christmas is coming. Here in Corroios, we are not feeling the Christmas atmosphere so strong, because of a lot a sun and warm (sometimes) days. But […]
Dezembro 20, 2017


On monday, taking the opportunity of free and sunny day, we went to Costa da Caparica – a more than 20km long coastline situated just away […]
Dezembro 19, 2017

Today is a good day

On April 8th 2017, I arrived to Lisbon for a EuroMed activity that was to be held in Santa Maria Da Feira, south of Porto. The […]
Dezembro 15, 2017

Formação de Informática

Help people over fifthy years old to use computer is always a big challenge. Try to imagine to help an eighty-two years old lady to create […]
Dezembro 15, 2017

Latin Languages

Latin Languages   Today I analized a portuguese flyer about the history of Corroios and its Natural Reserve. It was very intersting! And it was the […]
Dezembro 15, 2017


Esperar [iʃ.pɨ.ɾaɾ] 1. Ficar em algum lugar até que chegue alguém ou alguma coisa que se tem como certa ou provável; aguardar. 2. Ter esperança; estar […]
Dezembro 12, 2017

First impressions of Portugal

At first glance, Portugal seems to be an amazing place! I guess that I´ll fall in love with this country very quickly. The capital – Lisbon […]