Maio 21, 2018

Diversity that brings us together?

I was wondering – does diversity bring us together or fall us apart? And unfortunately I think that usually it divides us. Sometimes we lean on […]
Maio 16, 2018


I really don´t want to think about it but yes – my EVS is almost over. I have about 14 days to finish the project, 9 […]
Maio 16, 2018

EVS in Portugal: one month later

  Ola, tudo bem Contigo? I am here to write about my 6 months EVS experience in Portugal, working in Miratejo with the association Rato-ADCC. In […]
Maio 16, 2018

70 years of struggling

Today is the 70th anniversary f the Nakba; the catastrophe. 70 years ago, Israel announced itself as a state on lands that has been raped and […]
Maio 10, 2018

Olá, tudo bem?

Olá, tudo bem contigo? In Portugal, when welcoming somebody you should always remember about forms of politeness. Almost each, even the small talk by phone, begins […]
Maio 10, 2018


Often when we go to another country, especially for a longer time we have to deal with some sort of a cultural shock. You can notice […]
Abril 20, 2018

Invisible bridges between Kyiv and Barcelona

During my stay in Barcelona I have done an exciting walking tour through Gaudi’s heritage, which adorns Catalonian capital for more than a century and attract […]
Abril 12, 2018


Olá a todos! O meo tempo em Portugal esta a acabar.. Então esse é o momento para resolver o mistério deste país: no final eu resolvi! […]
Abril 6, 2018

The EVS Maze

I’m trying not to freak out, but being sad is something I can’t hide. Less than a month and this journey is over, my EVS will […]