Coming Back To Portugal


After countless times of applications and rejections I finally started doing it today. I have been waiting for this since May.  It has been a hard road for me. Started applying for EVS projects at February. Some of them replied, most of them didn’t even reply. I did lose some hope at some point. That didn’t stop me applying for more EVS projects.  Finally Rato-ADCC was accepted me. And here I am, again.

Like I told you, I have been here before for a week. I’m familiar with the place and the people. That’s why I chose to come here. That’s not the only thing. I believe this is the right place for improvement and I hope I can improve my current skills and gain some new ones. I have 10 months ahead of me and I just got here. Only time will tell.

So Visitor, if you’re looking for an EVS, consider Rato-ADCC.

Until next time.