Costa da Caparica



Today, I am going to give you the directions to the beautiful Costa da Caparica by bus, by walk(our style 😉 ) or by bike..

Firstly, you should know that you have to go to Costa da Caparica. What is Copacapana mean for Rio de Janerio, Costa da Caparica is the same for Lisbon. You will love it for sure!!

And there are surf clubs that you can have surf class. Here is one that I am seeing everyday on CouchSurfing events. This is just for giving you an idea. You can google it for better one.

So, it is 10 km away from Rato ADCC.


1- By Bus

You are just one bus ride away from Laranjeiro. It is the easiest way if you would like to take bus but wait, there is nothing easy in Portugal. Just joking. The bus number is 163.  The bus stop is in Laranjeiro or Miratejo is >>> here . Just click on opened page which stop you’d like to see the map.


2- By walk or Bike

Both are same route actually. Bus is going little bit different route but if you like you can have same route of course.

This is me and my flat-mate Martyna’s route by walk and by bike. >>> Here.

We call sea-boy/girl people if they were born in a maritime city and those people love the sea. If you are a sea-boy  like me or are dying for swimming, it is the best thing for sure in the hot weather. If you do not like it, just complain here as soon as when you have an opportunity to access blog 😉

And a reminder: The sea might be so cold for you because it is actually North Atlantic Ocean which is the same ocean with Greenland and Iceland 😉

So, enjoy it!!



Goodbye/Hosçakalin(Turkish)/Bi xatirê te(Kurdish)