Poor Miratejo to Lisbon Magic


Do not judge the title in the first sight. People here say same thing about Miratejo.

But I don’t want to tell you about economic or sociopolitic issues. I am going to tell you in this article how to reach Lisbon easily and cheaper than Gonçalo´s way 🙂 (You will probably meet with Gonçalo that’s why I won’t tell you who is he)

So, you have some options by public transportation(private!) and I will tell you 3 of them which I have experienced.


1- Gonçalo´s Way(not recommended) 🙂

I am sorry Gonçalo, stay as a good friend, do not turn into an enemy. I had to let people know 🙂

First, you need a card for the bus(check this out for the cards) from Miratejo to Cacilhas where is like central station for ferry, tram and bus and another card for the ferry to Cais do Sodré where is also one of main stations for metro, ferry, bus and so on..

Price for one way bus ticket: 1.40 €

Price for one way ferry ticket: 1.20 €


2- By Train

Walk to the train station, here is the directions.

You should take Roma-Areeiro train. The train will take you directly to first Campolide train station and you can walk to downtown from there but it would be a mistake because it is hard to reach the downtown from that station. You can take off at second or following stations. I don’t recommend this option as well because the train takes you to little bit far from the city center and you may lose your direction. It is also more expensive than mine 😉

One way train ticket: 2.15 €


3) Oscar goesss to..

I prefer this because it is as easy as Gonçalo’s and also cheaper.

First, take the tram to Cacilhas and take the ferry to Cais do Sodré. Why I recommend this because you won’t effort to find which bus is going to Cacilhas and you won’t be deal with the buttons on bus before scan your card. Just the tram which goes to directly Cacilhas, and take the ferry from there to Cais do Sodré. Same route with the Gonçalo’s.

One way tram ticket: 0.85 €

One way ferry ticket: 1.20 €



If you want you can walk about 5 km to Cacilhas(we did for another aim, it was not hard for us 🙂 ), you can reach to Lisbon for only 1,20 € 😉

If you had a bicycle, things would be easier for sure. You can take your bicycle to ferry and  Lisbon trip would be cheaper. You may be have a question if you can go to Lisbon without transportation and I can easily give you a response as big NO! You have to cross the river by a vehicle with an engine such as a motorcycle, car or hitchhike 😉

Take the whichever you want or make out your own way. I am here to tell you in case you would like to know some about somethings.

Goodbye/Hosçakal(Turkish)/Bi xatirê te(Kurdish)