The Transportation


This week, I am going to ‘try’ to explain you “The Transportation”. I should make a movie on this title to show people what I am having here :/

Firstly, I sadly want to tell you that transportation here is absolutely giving you some headache. I think no one knows how does it work or I couldn’t encountered with someone who exactly knows the things.. There are many things to learn. Me and my flat-mate Martyna are still having new experiences when we use the public transportation. Actually it is not a public transportation, it belongs to private companies. Yes, companies! There are more than one. Do not ask me how many, please.. 🙂

Let’s start with the transportation cards. If your stay is long term, may be you had better to subscript for a season ticket but here I will tell you what I have got.

I have three cards and one of them doesn’t work for Miratejo. Do not listen Gonçalo! He is the responsible person for my attacks of nerves when I tried to use the white card and found out that it is useless in this area. 🙂

This card only valid for Lisbon and you can use this card only for ferry from Cacilhas to Lisbon. If I were you, I would not buy this card. Yes, you can use this card for metro and ferry in Lisbon but as i said it is useless for this side of the river. Actually, I don’t know why they have established this card. Never mind, I show you others. 😉


I am happy to represent ‘the Greens’ for not having confusion.

First one is dark green viva viagem;



You will see the logo of TST(Transportes Sul Do Tejo=South Tagus River Transportation) back side of the card like this »»»»»

This card is for bus. If you would like to go to beautiful Costa da Caparica beach, you should have it. I am not sure but it is only for bus! because I have not seen yet that logo on another vehicle.

It is not that all. You cannot use this card by holding the card over the scanner on bus. You should firstly use the buttons on the scanner. First, push the button down and then OK to get on the bus. (Later show you how it works with photos)


Last one is the most important one. It is in light green but its’ importance is much heavier than others. Here you go:

It is not the most important one but also the most difficult one to use. I do not want to scare you but it is bit complicated. You can use this card for ferry, tram, train and also metro. You will see the logo like this »»»»»

You can use it when ever you see the logo of fertagus.

You should select destination before you use this card to pass the gates to get on the train for example. Ask for help at the station from the security guards. But you can easily use this card on the tram. Just hold the card to the scanner.

This article is only to introduce you the cards. I will write you later about my routes by using those cards and try to explain you how to recharge them.

By the way, each card costs 0,50 euro, rechargeable and valid for 1 year. According to Gonçalo, you can renew the cards for free if they fell into decay.


And one more important info from

“The Viva Viagem card can only be used, on the same trip, by one person, it cannot be used in groups, even when loaded with several units.” So everyone has to have their own card..

Goodbye/Hosçakal(Turkish)/Bi xatirê te(Kurdish)