How to Cheaply Survive in Miratejo while your EVS Experience


This week I am going to write you about the cheapest food shopping places which will not push your money limits up! Sounds nice, huh? Nope, really nice =)

I won’t write many things about my thoughts but this article will show you a variety of cheap foods which you can save a good amount money while having good food to feed up yourself and can spend that saving for a flight ticket maybe..

Numbers are not ranking and just to clarify that is not an advertisement!!

So, I will write here one by one.. Here you go:


As you probably know LIDL one of the best food dealer in Europe. If the city has a LIDL then you are lucky enough. And you are a really lucky person because RATO has LIDL downstairs.

According to my experience and receipts you can find many things cheaper than other places but some of the stuff is not cheaper than other shops like water, vegetable etc. but those are very specific ones. It can be vary a few cents.


“Continente is a retail chain that belongs to Sonae Distribuição, the largest retailer in Portugal.[2] The hypermarket Continente chain is in spread all over continental Portugal as well on Madeira and in Azores. The supermarket chain Continente Modelo, formerly named just Modelo, has also a nationwide presence.” (Wikipedia)

You can find in different locations in the city center. It is as fairly cheap as LIDL. I bought my the cheapest 6lt water almost all the time from this shop and also many beverages are cheaper than others. It has a range of selection of food and other stuff. I saw many times its some vegetables are cheaper than LIDL.

3- Mini PREÇO 


“Minipreço is a discount supermarket chain in Portugal, part of the Spanish Dia, which was formerly owned by the French supermarket company Carrefour. There were 534 stores across Portugal at the start of 2011, 1/3 of them being franchises.”(Wikipedia)

As you can easily understand from its name, it is the small markets chain. Good number of selection and affordable prices. Some of foods are cheaper than others but you should make your own list of course.




It is the biggest and the furthest one. If you have a bicycle or any transportation, you can find many things in it. I can not say it is the best so far but it has a huge space and you can find almost anything you want and if you follow their discount dates as others above, you can easily save good amount of money. It is located in Almada Forum and by walk, it can be a little bit impossible if you would like to buy more food than full of a small bag. Click here for the map.

This list shows the cheapest places during my times. I have saved my receipts and made a list that shows what food is the cheapest at those places during my time. It can be some differences while your journey..

There is also many small local shops and local bazaars that some vegetables can be found cheaper and you can shop from them and help them to survive among those big shopping centers.


Goodbye/Hosçakal(Turkish)/Bi xatirê te(Kurdish)

See you next week!