Olá Lisboa!



I am Savas who is going to have an internship for a three-month period at RATO-ADCC and I am going to be here with you by posting one article per week. I will talk/write about anything I want because Nuno, one of my coordinator, said I can 🙂 What I am going to write this week is introduction of myself, my first impression about Corroios and my tasks at RATO.

I am from Turkey and am a half Turkish from my mother side and a half Kurdish fr  om my father side. I am an mathematician actually but I also have a degree in Applied English and Translation, which is why I am here. This is my second time in Europe and the first time in Portugal. I really wanted to come to Portugal in 2013 during my long trip through Europe but flight tickets were expensive and I decided to have 2 tickets(two countries) instead of one! So, here I am now. 🙂

I will keep this short for the first week and I directly would like to talk about my first impression about my temporary homeland! Why I am saying homeland to your country is because we as Turkey´s people have a proverb that says The homeland is not where you were born, the homeland is where you live(make your living/earn your living etc.).” The Germans have the similar expression as wessen brot ich esse, dessen lied ich singe”

I have arrive in Lisbon after a long flight. I have stayed at the Schiphol Airtport, Amsterdam about 20 hours before take my plane to Lisbon because of the flight tickets fee, and also arrived at the Schiphol Airport by traveling 2 planes from Turkey, and finally arrive in Portugal after 35 hours.

What I have realized the most in Corroios municipal where RATO have based: People are talking outside eachother, smiling to people, really friendly and warmly. I have used to live in Europe more than a year and its people in where I live were also really friendly and helpful when you ask something and I wanted to live there because of its good qualities of life but here I have felt something that we have in Turkey: Neighboorhood!

Here is very similar Mersin where I live in Turkey such as seaside city, seaport, sunny all the time in summer, agricultural etc. Life is not expensive except public transportation. I think it is the most expensive thing for me up to now. These are the my first thoughts about Corroios for now.

Let´s talk about some what I will do during my internship at RATO. I was going to come here in February but we could not manage the visa papers on time and have decided to arrange my internship in summer. I was going to have some Portuguese language lessons at one of the local schools but it is summer break and I am trying to learn some daily expressions from the highschool intern students at RATO. I will give some English and Turkish lessons for primary school pupils and will make some tutorial videos about mathematic calculation programmes of computer. 

Goodbye/Hosçakal(Turkish)/Bi xatirê te(Kurdish)

See you next week! =)