Dezembro 7, 2017

Fonte da Telha

Fonte de telha is a beach situated in the costline between municipality of Almada and Sesimbra.  It´s  great place, where you can take a rest after […]
Novembro 4, 2017

Once Upon a Time in the North…

Outubro 3, 2017

lagoa de Albufeira

1st of October
Setembro 23, 2017

pow wow

Let’s play board games!  
Setembro 16, 2017

hunting for street art

Julho 22, 2017

#polish cuisine / 1

If you wonder what is the Polish national  dish, answer could be only one – pierogi. Its one of 12 dishes on Christmas Eve table, and […]
Julho 14, 2017

Lisbon in one day

Junho 28, 2017