Janeiro 19, 2018

EVS POLAND – All good things come to an end

The best experience of my life has unfortunately come to an end. After 10 months, I leave with a mind full of memories, a spirit mixed […]
Janeiro 19, 2018

Ecomuseum of Seixal

olà! Corroios can look like a little village without a lot of attractives.. But it isn't like this! If you look around, you can find hidden […]
Janeiro 16, 2018

Carmo convent

Last monday I spent discovering Lisbon. Firstly I went to Arco da Rua Augusta, which is located on Praça do Comércio. It was built to memorate the […]
Janeiro 10, 2018

Fonte da Telha

Eu gosto muito andar a pé. Então quando meos amigos falaram sobre a Fonte de Telha, eu decidi de caminar para toda a praia, até a […]
Janeiro 5, 2018

Natal e Ano Novo!

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku! Feliz Ano Novo! Happy New Year! This year Christmas time was completely different. The first time in my live I spend Christmas without […]
Janeiro 4, 2018

Ano novo, novos começos!

Feliz Ano Novo ! May this year have all humans safe and in peace and have compassion to one another, that next generations wouldn’t need to […]
Dezembro 30, 2017

Feliz Ano Novo!!!

Today I am learning how to use Canva – a free graphic-design tool website that provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. I need to become […]
Dezembro 30, 2017

Diverse Portugal

Portuguese people are beautiful! In this post, I’m talking about the out-side beauty of human beings. Portuguese people are beautifully diversed. Different ethnic backgrounds, different shades […]
Dezembro 27, 2017


One thing that shocked me most  when I came here at the beginning of December was unexpected cold. And I´m not writing this article to complain. […]